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Trading Tips

1.) Take responsibility for your decisions. Successful traders will never disclaim personal responsibility. It is you who enter the market and it is you who assume all responsibility for the transactions, profitable or unprofitable.

2.) Trading system. Every trader has a trading system, which they adjust to their liking. Some traders prefer a system of trading once a day, other are attracted by longer periods. The idea is stick to the original plan of trading. Several unsuccessful trades may not always indicate your system is unprofitable.

3.) Bid only with a carefully thought up out plan.Before you start trading, you should determine how much of your own money you are willing to risk This will be your balance of risk. Successful traders never enter trades without a clear goal.

4.) Accept the possibility of losing your money as an inevitable fact. Every beginner trader should be aware that no one is safe from losses in the Crypto currency market.

5.) Remove emotions. The cause of losses often lies in excessive emotionality. Turn off emotions during transactions. Stick to your plan

6.) Pre-planning. Do not enter the market only because prices are sharply rising or falling. Plan ahead for how you will bid. Have a clear goal of your entry.

By following the recommendations above, you will quickly see an improvement in your work on the Crypto exchange market.